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This is my corner on the WEB. Here you may find who am I , some of my public thoughts and a small collection of programs I wrote in my spare time (Demo section).


2006.01.01 Another update. New year, new color. I reall had enough of that brownish color and luckily these pages are generated automatically by a PERL script, so the change only costed me a line (originally the pages were generated on the fly by a cgi script with a color decided by the viewer, then I decided that it was an unjustified CPU cost and so now they're "compiled" in HTML). I've also added a section "music" with a few recordings from my piano.
2005.09.18 I've decided to update a little the "who am I" pages because they started to become stale. I've also placed online a first recording from my new piano (in theory it's the waltz op 64/2 by Chopin, excluding a couple of evident absences almost all notes should be there and the extra ones are just a few; when the notes will be ok I'll try wroking on the playing :-))
2005.04.05 More than two years since last update (!) Isn't this outrageous ? Indeed I've been busy doing other things and keeping the site up to date would take me too much time. This will be the last update to the news section; for a blog I'll rely on blogspot that is easier to update than my cranky scripts. I'll keep the site and domain forever, it's nice to have a banner-free place where to publish stuff; I was also working on a brand new version (much simpler) for the site... may be one day I'll put that one online. I'm thinking also to drop the double language in favour of english only: my english is bad... but my italian is not much better, and writing everything twice is annoying especially for lazy people like me.
2002.12.31 Ok... new version of the OpenGL demo; now mouse is supported for spinning the object and in addition to the old boring doughnut it's possible to watch a few 3d models in .ydl and .gem format. It has also been removed a quite nasty bug in the text routines that made the menu unreadable in some occasions. Actually the bug was pretty big and repetitive, the strange is that on a few computers including mine its effects were almost never visible. As I sometimes like saying a program without bugs doesn't show any strange behaviour, but a program that doesn't show any strange behaviour is not guarateed being bug free.
2002.12.28 Hmmmm.... seems really that I can only update this page with a ludicrous frequency. Anyway. I've added a new demo (the first using OpenGL). I hope to be able to find more time next year.
2002.07.13 Wow... this has been a long pause. After the provider hosting my homepage left me without an house (and after a long period of total lazyness) I've decided to register a domain name so that this kind of problem should be easier to solve in the future. I've also converted the whole site from dynamic to a collection of static HTML pages, removing active parts for technical reasons (it's far easier to find providers that don't allow arbitrary PERL CGI scripts). This means that it's not possible for the visitor to freely decide the color of the pages and the font size, and I've also had to remove the counters and the guestbook... In change the navigation should be faster, better handled by cache, lighter for the server and more portable. Excluding this variation the site should be working like before... I would be grateful for notifications about parts of this site that are not working any more after this passage.
2000.06.16 Fixed a couple of errors in the document "Transaction Handling in C++" due to the missing of a definition for the copy operator for the classes Field<T>. The example program seemed working correctly just because the source of the assignment was never a field with transaciton handling.
2000.06.10 Fixed the calculator program in the section "The Small Ones". There were a few errors among which the biggest was a wrong use of scanf for reading a character in an integer variable. The program was working on big-endian systems (the ones I use) for a lucky coincidence.
2000.05.30 I've removed the initial redirection based on Javascript and I've added a static HTML page instead. For some strange configuration problem of the EB server of my hosting provider I'm not able to setup an active page as initial page. Anyway is better using a launch page that knowing that Javascript-impaired browsers (like the BeOs' one) can't access my site.