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In this section you can download a few programs (sometimes with source code) that have been written in my spare time just to make who is watching the screen say "WOW".

I think that the "demo scene" is something fascinating that should get more attention from the IT world. It's "extreme programming" where the target is getting the maximum from a computer in the fields of design, graphics and music. Also I think that "constrained" competitions are quite interesting too (those are competitions where you've to get the maximum in a prescribed number of bytes).

Many of the programs in this page are DOS programs but they work fine under Windows if you launch them in full-screen. The reason for which I didn't write them for Windows is that Windows doesn't help at all writing this kind of program (and in my spare time I've better things to do than fighting (for free) with calls like RealizePalette).

Recently I started playing with OpenGL ... so may be from now on I'll code things for Windows too (and may be for Irix, as I happen to have also an SGI O2 sitting on this desk).

Mandelbrot zoomer

This is the famous Mandelbrot fractal. I choose a specific point on the complex plane and wrote a program that does a zoom on that point to the limit of double precision arithmetic. The zoom is continous, includes a rotation and it's done in realtime. Indeed this is a trick... the animation is just a compressed movie that use a very special compression algorithm that can squeeze the whole sequence down to 600 bytes including the playback code ;-)

For who likes windows I also added a version that runs in a window and that's about 20Kb and features a better palette and image quality. The program was written in C because I'm way too lazy to write for windows in pure assembler.

OpenGL Demo 1.05
This is my very first experiment with OpenGL. Left click spins the object, right click opens a pop-up menu showing a few options. On my machine it's pretty fast (runs in a single frame at 60Hz with 16K polygons texture+envmap on a maximixed window 1024x768) but that doesn't mean much as I got a P4/2.4Ghz with a GeForce 4 Mx 440 video card.
Particle animation
This animation has been obtained drawing a huge number of tridimensional points using a special attraction law toward a center in space.
Liquid simulation
This animation has also been obtained using a large number of particles that however now are subject to the gravity force and to a repulsion force that keeps them far each other and far from the container. The net result is a simulation that somwhat remembers the dynamic of a liquid in a container. The complex part in this program is keeping a good speed and it has been obtained greatly simplifying and localizing the repulsion laws.
256 byters
These programs are an example of what you can get with a computer if you get to the assembler level. All the programs compile in less than 256 bytes (i.e. much less than a Windows' icon).
This is a 4Kb program I wrote in 1995 to compete to a constrained competition part of the international programming event ASM, that's held every year in Finland. Too bad I ran out of my off days that year so I wasn't able to be there. May be I was lucky indeed, since that year will be remembered as the "Torus Invasion" since every single 4Kb entry was showing some kind of doughnut dancing on the screen ...
This was my first release to the public; it's a demo made up in a night glueing togheter a few pascal effects that were lying around on my hard disk. It's surely not so impressive today, but you shold remember that was written for a 486 without math coprocessor.
These two programs represent some experiment of 2D explosions. Sun2 has been written in Pascal while Sun22 is a P-mode asm program.
Interactive demos
In this .ZIP file there are a few interactive demos: NEWVOX4 lets you control with keyboard or mouse a floating ball on a mountain landscape; BACK is the simulation of backlighting a text in a foggy environment and JELLO is the simulation of a 2D jellish object that you can control with the mouse.
This file contains two games I wrote in my spare time. The first is a chess program I wrote with the help of Max Scavini, a friend of the Vigevano chess club; the second one is a version of the famous TETRIS I wrote as a birthday gift for a friend of mines that lives in Canada: it's a more "social" version of TETRIS since it allows playing with a friend on the same keyboard.
X-mas cards
This file contains two xmas cards I wrote for my friends in 1996 and 1997. If you have a computer fast enough (P133+) and you have a VESA 1.2+ graphic card (most computers have it) then run the second one with "/v640x480 /f" as the graphic will be much nicer.
6502 emulator
This is a 6502 emulator I wrote for a friend of mines that's working on a NES emulator in Delphi. To test the virtual processor I wrote also a minimal Apple ][ emulator that handles only the text screen and the keyboard. I've added in the ZIP file also the original Apple ][ ROMs image and that's copyrighted material; so if you don't owe and Apple ][ computer and you decide to download the emulator then you should erase these files.