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Versione italiana 

1? (#6)
Corridor mate
The most common checkmate; in this version black can only delay the unavoidable with five piece interference before dying.

1? (#2)
Queen-pawn assault
A classic assault to the castle. This kind of assault is quite common in real games.

1? (#2)
Bishop+Rook checkmate
Quite common mate.

1? (#5)
Anastasia's mate
This checkmate is rare in real games and is difficult to see for the novice; it's anyway an important combination because variations on this line of attack to the King are common.

1? (+/-)
Shoulder mate
Somewhat rare combination in real games, but something that a player must pay attention to.

1? (+/-)
Knight+Bishop castle attack
Castle attack no so uncommon in real games as one may expect.

1? (+/-)
Queen fight
It's uncommon to see a Queen unable to save her King from a mate threat. Rare position but not impossible in real games.

1? (+/-)
R+R+Q attack
This kind of attack faces sometimes in real games; it's a kind of combination that a player should consider.

1? (#2)
Horse Power
Sometimes the power of an horse is just impressing

1? (#7)
The white seems having a lost position and indeed it won the game... this kind of mate is more frequent in real games than one would probably think (often is used as a threat).

1? (#3)
Violent chess
This kind of mate is often ruined by inexperienced players that begin giving repeated checks. The mate is just three moves away and there is no defense.